“the unreality of reality”
F. Scott Fitsgerald

Working with textiles, this is when I am happiest. I stroke ,layer, scrunch,turn back to front,anyway up, canvas to calico, sacking to silk,string, wool, thread, hand and machine stitched, colours that shimmer,shout, glimmer, glower, sulk. Small pieces of cloth waiting in boxes to be chosen for the next drama, the next story I feel compelled to tell.

It has been a long journey. Whilst training to teach, personal projects won me distinctions in both Art and Literature and later when working for a degree in educational practice , and inspired by Willy Brandt’s “One World” report, I told folk stories from Africa and the West Indies to the children I taught and we painted and printed cloth, made primitive instruments, puppets and masks to use in retelling stories in dance and drama. Meanwhile I designed and made costumes for amateur dramatics and school plays and whenever I could would make small pictures using scraps of fabric.

I retired early to Andalucia in Spain and have spent the years learning, experimenting and developing my own way of working. Irene Bradbury a visiting textile artist was an inspiring teacher and I was awarded a certificate by The Embroiderer·s Guild U.K.

I was born in 1936 and hope to continue working, experimenting, learning until 2026!

From my childhood I was fascinated by myths, legends,bible stories. I began to see a continuing cycle of the same tragedies and problems, alarms for the present and fears and hopes for the future constantly reoccurring and in the work I am producing try to portray my own concerns not to preach but because these images are constantly in my head and I have to find some way of producing them. It is ,of course, up to the individual to interpret .

The exhibits included on this website are the principal works since 2007.

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