Past Exhibitions



Retrospective exhibition in Competa  2016

extract from my introductory talk.

” …..but for me the textiles I handle have a life of their own, they want to speak for themselves, they wish to be free from the constraints of frame and glass.    ”  Really LOOK ”  they seem to say, ” and also FEEL our texture, rough and smooth, transparent, lustrous, delicate , coarse. And such a variety of colour, bold and rich, timid and subtle. And we lie in pieces around you so how will you choose ? “…………..

The video, taken on a phone , was a great surprise when presented to me.  Over three weeks I had over 300 visitors.

As a viewer visiting this site would you find it interesting ?  Suppose – as it has fabrics – and your partner was interested would you be a little intrigued  too ?  That to me is the importance of bringing people to see textile art which has not the appeal to many as painting has always had.  I like to see such work in an exhibition alongside paintings and sculptures. How interesting that would be.